The so called NORMALIZATION Procedure..!!

As far as the last year(2012) was concerned the admission to the NIT’S and IIT’S were based on the central examination AIEEE.

But for this year the rule has slightly changed as per as the Ranking and Admissions are considered, this sudden change in rule has been a great chaos for the engineering aspiring students.

The student are complaining about the new ranking procedure called as the NORMALIZATION procedure which include both JEE MAINS(previously AIEEE) marks and the BOARD marks in a proportion of  60% and 40% respectively. The main fault of this procedure is that the ranking is highly focused on the basis of the board marks whereas the JEE mains rank is given a second preference. A slight difference in the BOARD marks can result in a rank difference of thousands.

A link has been provided below which shows the petitions from the students who are being affected by this sudden change of rules.

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